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Workplace injuries happen. Most happen fast. How you respond – and how soon after the incident – can determine a victim’s chances for recovery, or even save their life. Responding to an accident might evoke your fight-or-flight response. First aid requires a much different mindset.  Being informed and practicing first aid ahead of an event is the only way to truly be prepared to help a victim.

This training will orient you to the major categories of risk and types of first-aid, give you an overview of the supplies and equipment involved – including guidance on preparing your first aid kit, will help you know what to do before choosing to administer first-aid, and walks you through some of the steps for performing first-aid for common injuries and illnesses. We will also explore what to do if you find yourself without a kit but needing to administer first-aid, the legal considerations involved in emergency care, and the next steps you can take to better prepare yourself and others to administer first-aid.

This program is available with Spanish and French closed captions.

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The objective of Atlantic's First Aid” video Program is for employees to understand that basic first aid can often limit the severity of any type of injury, or even prevent a death.