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Defensive Driving for Light & Medium Duty Vehicles - Online Training

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Course Description

Defensive Driving for Light & Medium Duty Vehicles - Online Training


  • Aimed at drivers of Class 1-6 light and medium duty vehicles
  • The Defensive Driving for Light & Medium Duty Vehicles training course covers:
    • Defensive driving preparation
    • Hazard perception
    • Speed and space management
    • The defensive driving attitude
    • Other techniques that will help you stay safe on the roadways.
  • Time Involvement: 60 minutes


After completing this course, drivers will be able to:

  • Recognize and reduce risk before they step into the vehicle by using trip planning and by conducting a pre-trip vehicle inspection.
  • Describe how to see and anticipate not only what is happening around them, but what might happen by being aware of their surroundings, perceiving what’s going on around them, and then managing their speed and space accordingly.
  • Identify the dangers of distracted driving.
  • Indicate how to modify their driving habits to safely drive in hazardous weather conditions.


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