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Safety Orientation Training

Being able to anticipate possible accidents before they happen is a skill that can be learned and a habit that can be formed. Through the proper training, every employee can become experts on preventing workplace accidents. Each year, workplace injuries cost businesses nearly $90 billion per year in medical bills, lost wages, and lost production time. Most of this loss can be prevented through proper training and the reduction of human error. Don’t wait to make your employees experts, and set a standard for excellence right from orientation.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we already have a safety orientation process. Why do we need your safety orientation training courses?

The fact of the matter is that most workplaces do not have sufficient safety orientation processes. Although there is always some kind of training when an employee is first onboarded, there are still millions of dollars in workplace injuries occurring every year. OSHA has several mandated standards around workplace hazards, and you need to comply with the ones relevant to your business. Starting your employees off on the right foot by having a streamlined safety orientation can put you in the top percent of companies actively preventing workplace injuries.