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Respiratory Protection Training

Gases, mold spores, toxic fumes, and vapors can all cause lung problems without ever being detected by employees. Visible hazards, such as dust and fibers, will also cause respiratory problems for those exposed. For this reason, OSHA and NIOSH have created respiratory protection and safety regulations to help protect employees and businesses against respiratory threats. Our respiratory protection training helps your employees protect themselves against these hazards.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my employees are already stocked up on PPE. Why do we need your respiratory protection training courses?

Dangers to our respiratory systems can occur in a number of different ways and in a variety of environments. Protecting respiratory health isn’t just about PPE, but understanding how the respiratory system works, as well as how to recognize and prepare for respiratory hazards. OSHA has mandated several strict guidelines on this type of training because of how severe lung damage can be if not prevented. In some cases, the full extent of the damage may not be clear until years later. This is why it’s so important that your employees are fully confident and prepared in respiratory protection training. You’ll be protecting their health for years to come.