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Janitorial Safety Training

Did you know that very common cleaning supplies; vinegar, bleach, or ammonia when mixed together create a chlorine gas? If you didn’t know that, then odds are others might not know that either, that’s why learning about how to clean safely and effectively is so important. Let's remember, janitorial safety is not just about preventing accidents but is also about creating a clean and safe environment for everyone in the building.

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Janitorial safety is more important than you think. Keep the training going so your team stays safe.

A clean and welcoming building can only be acquired by the hard work and dedication of janitors. Most people don’t think about it but janitorial safety is very important for everyone to be well informed on. When you’re cleaning there are a lot of potential safety hazards that need to be addressed to ensure you can do your job properly and safely. For instance, a lot of cleaning products used in this field of work contain dangerous chemicals that if used incorrectly can potentially become toxic to the workers but also the people around the area. Proper inspections of equipment such as vacuum cleaners and floor bluffers are also a necessity as well as ensuring wet floors are properly alerted with a warning sign. Many accidents can happen to yourself and others if janitorial safety is not taken seriously, that's why we are here to help.