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GHS Training

It’s not enough for all the employees in your organization to be on the same page about handling chemicals properly. The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals provides a clear standard for communication between companies on how chemicals should be handled. As we move into a global economy, GHS Training ensures there won’t be any gaps in safety protocols. Our training programs help foster a thorough understanding of labeling requirements, the GHS label elements, and the different sections of Safety Data Sheets.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we know our way around the GHS. Why do we need your GHS training videos?

It’s important to note that GHS is different from the previous Hazard Communication Standard. Therefore, OSHA’s position involves the training of all appropriate employees where the GHS Standards are applicable. It’s also vital that your employees are trained on Safety Data Sheets and GHS label elements that apply to their specific work areas. With this many details, you don’t want to cut corners on this training. With our video courses, your employees will fully understand the GHS and labeling requirements, all while remaining compliant with OSHA regulations.