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Fall Protection Training

Falls are one of the leading causes of death in construction according to OSHA. Due to the high risks of working at heights, strict regulations must be followed. Workers and employers must understand the common fall hazards, and how falls from ladders, scaffolds, roofs and more can be prevented. In the event of a fall, workers must have the proper gear and follow strict guidelines to keep them safe. Our fall protection training and fall prevention courses cover all of OSHA’s general requirements.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows their stuff, why do they need your fall protection courses? We’re glad you asked...

Fall hazards are specifically targeted by OSHA’s mandatory directives as a result of their related seriousness and devastating effects. The work environments associated with these accidents are extremely wide-ranging and many could actually involve fatalities. Because of the gravity of fall repercussions and OSHA’s emphasis on their prevention, we have developed fall protection and prevention training videos that encompass all of OSHA’s mandatory regulations. The goals are, of course, not just limited to fall prevention, but also to maintain safety through personal fall arrest systems that meet OSHA’s standards and other construction concerns. With regulations continuously being updated, we have a dedicated team in place, ensuring all courses have the most current guidelines to keep workers safe and businesses compliant.