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Drugs and Alcohol Safety Training

Drug and alcohol use can cause serious consequences in someone’s life, but when they bring their substance abuse to work, it can affect everyone they come in contact with. Not only are their health and safety at risk, but their substance use can result in a loss of productivity and the endangerment of other employees. Handling drug and alcohol usage in the workplace is a tricky task, but our drugs and alcohol safety training helps you educate your employees on the dangers of substances and prepare your staff on how to handle substance-related incidents at work.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we’ve never had drug or alcohol issues in our workforce before. Why should we take your drugs and alcohol safety training programs?

Although you hope you’ll never have to deal with substance abuse in your workplace, handling such issues does require the proper training. By the time an incident has occurred, the user may need more help than you can provide. That’s why it’s so important to take preventative and educational training, as well as incident management. When your employees are educated about the harmful effects of substances, they can take better care of themselves. Additionally, OSHA has definite views on how training should be conducted, and in some cases, training is federally mandated. Our training programs help equip you and your team for every possible scenario.