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DOT Safety Training

Safely transporting goods isn’t something you can afford to skip training on. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has set specific guidelines and requirements for the transportation of goods, especially ones that are considered hazardous substances. You as an employer are obligated to provide DOT safety training for your employees, so they can ensure the safety of themselves and everyone involved in the transportation process. Our training courses cover everything from proper packaging to labeling, to thorough documentation procedures for transporting consumer goods.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team is pretty knowledgeable about safety procedures. Why do we need your DOT safety training programs?

Keeping safe while transporting goods comes down to a lot more than what happens behind the wheel. DOT safety training is also required for drug and alcohol testing, properly loading cargo, and other types of compliance that make the transportation of goods as safe as possible. Our training helps you accomplish all this and more in one user-friendly place. Additionally, you are responsible for maintaining, not just safety compliance with the DOT, but OSHA as well. Our training helps ensure you are compliant with both organizations and that your staff is safe.