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Confined Space Safety Training

Getting your employees in and out of confined spaces safely is a task in itself. Ensuring their safety while they complete their job cannot be done without OSHA-compliant confined space safety training. In 80% of confined space fatalities, it wasn’t the person’s first time occupying the confined space. This statistic tells us that it’s important not to let our guard down when it comes to confined space hazards. Our training programs help facilities comply with all of OSHA’s Permit Confined Space Regulations, while remaining easy for all employees to understand and memorize.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we know how to navigate our way around confined spaces safely, why do we need your courses?

Every job site is different, and chances are you’ll run into a workplace safety hazard that you’ve never encountered before. In confined spaces, hazards can quickly turn harmful. This is why OSHA has such strict regulations around navigating these hazards. Finding comprehensive safety training that is compliant with OSHA regulations is something we’ve done for you. Our training covers topics like dangerous pressure levels, electrical dangers, moving machinery parts, engulfment hazards, and confined environments that are exposed to toxic materials. Additionally, our training videos capture the attention of your employees by demonstrating a scripted high-risk scenario. This unique approach to training ensures that when your employees are faced with hazards in confined spaces, the proper protocols are already committed to memory.