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Building Materials Safety Training

Whether you’re new to job sites or work with building materials every day, building materials safety training is of the utmost importance for those working in the building and construction industry. If not installed or handled correctly, materials like concrete, steel, wood, and insulation could present some serious hazards. Completing thorough building materials safety training is one of the best ways you can protect employees and contractors while they are on the job.

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Hey Atlantic Training, my team knows their way around a job site. Why do we need your building materials safety training programs?

Although you may know your way around a job site and building materials by heart, this sobering statistic should keep you on your toes when it comes to safety training: 80%-90% of workplace injuries are the result of human error. When humans are involved, the need for training is essential, especially since most of those injuries can be prevented with the right knowledge and attention to detail. By providing your staff and contractors with the proper safety training, you cut down on the chances of injuries, both big and small. Plus, OSHA has a required 10-hour training for all construction workers, and a 30-hour training requirement for supervisor roles.