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Accident Investigation Training

Although you hope an accident never happens at your workplace, it’s vital to conduct a thorough investigation if one does occur. Accident investigation training doesn’t mean you’re trying to place blame or pursue legal action, but rather, it’s an effort to learn everything you can in order to prevent a similar accident in the future. Our accident investigation training helps you as an employer make your workplace safer after a mishap. This training helps show employees the steps that need to be taken during a workplace accident investigation, as well as how to comply with all inquiries surrounding an accident.

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Hey Atlantic Training, we already have a process for workplace accidents. Why do we need your accident investigation training courses?

Handling workplace accident investigations in a thorough and comprehensive manner can be a difficult task. Many employees may not be willing to freely provide information about the accident due to colleague loyalty or other tricky dynamics. As an employer, not only do you need to balance team dynamics, but you also need to comply with OSHA regulations around accident investigations. Our training helps you handle both the human elements and the regulation standards during your investigation. This type of training can take a tragic situation, and turn it into a thorough plan to make your workplace safer for everyone involved.