Workplace Injuries Infographic: Workplace Injuries By The Numbers

Workplace injuries happen more often than we think they do. In fact, every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. That’s a pretty daunting statistic and the more we neglect workplace safety, the more we contribute to those numbers instead of reducing them. The National Safety Council has derived┬áthis colorful infographic that communicates just how prevalent workplace injuries are, regardless of the industry.
Here’s an emphasis on the helpful safety tips shown in the infographic so that we can reduce those high numbers:
  • Avoid bending, reaching and twisting when lifting
  • Take frequent short breaks
  • Store heavy objects close to the floor
  • Be aware of moving equipment/objects in your work area
  • Wear the proper personal protective equipment
  • Place the base of ladders on a flat, even, solid surface
  • Use good housekeeping practices.
Implementing a workplace safety program at your workplace is extremely effective in reducing injuries and illness that could be potentially sustained on the job.
Workplace Injuries by the Numbers -
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Source: NSC