Workplace Health Infographic: 10 Tips for Creating a Healthier Workplace

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There are many things that can be done to promote a healthy work atmosphere. Because there is a direct relationship in the health of the employees and the workplace, ensuring there is a culture of good health within the office can help diminish the rising costs from workers at risk of poor health. By transforming the working environment into one that shows support of employees leading healthy lifestyles with management taking an active role and making it a priority to promote wellness, the workplace becomes healthier.

Companies should not focus on the fact that rising cost of an unhealthy workforce is the driving factor behind creating a healthy workplace. Healthier employees are more productive, loyal and likely to work longer for the company. Finding a way to actively engage and provide a positive shift in the wellness culture of the company will take investment and corporate wellness training videos on all levels will give everyone focus, making the culture change positively.

The infographic provides 10 great tips for promoting a healthier culture in the workplace in general categories like:

• Building a sense of team within a comfortable environment and working atmosphere for all employees by sponsoring office activities that bring everyone together and creates healthy work relationships.
• Educating and providing health information to the workforce, such as informing of proper health guidelines, offering health insurance, making the workplace smoke free and informing employees of proper nutrition can be done in a positive way that carries over outside of the workplace.
• Providing employees with non-structured workdays which can allow them to take care of their health without it having a negative impact on productivity.

Employers choosing to take an active role in the health and well-being of their workforce can also provide hr training dvds so all levels of employees can reach the goal of a healthier workplace. Investing in the interest of the health of the workplace will combat illness, injury, low productivity and stress creating a balance lifestyle in and out of work.


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