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Working Women Infographic: Women @Work -

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Women make up just under fifty percent of the American workforce. These are women who lead. Women are influential in a variety of different types of businesses. They are changing the dynamic and are having their voices heard, no longer being overlooked and ignored in the corporate world.

Many large corporations are embracing the benefits of women in their workforce and hiring them to executive positions. By offering their current board of directors and general employee workforce with Discrimination training as well as Sexual harassment training in order to bridge the gap between women leaders and male coworkers can make for a smooth transition.

The infographic points out the statistics of women at work and the influence this has on the business model of America.

• Women are creating and founding new businesses at 1.5 times the national average. Businesses in retail, administration, various services that range from healthcare and social services to scientific and technical services along with real estate businesses make up roughly 75% of the types of businesses founded by women.
• In contrast, the women seem to be missing from the overall large corporations. 40 percent of major publicly held companies have no women board members while S&P 500 companies have 22 percent women serving on their boards. The United States has less women board members than some Eastern European countries like Norway and Sweden.
• Women in the technology workforce is extremely lacking when the statistics are looked at. Women receive less funding than men for technology ventures and own or start-up no more than 5 percent of tech businesses.
• Women inventors are slowly on the rise as patent numbers increase but only 5.5% of commercial patents belong to women.

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Keeping discussions open on how to increase the number of women leaders and why they need to have more influence in the workplace is a progressive movement. With HR training videos women can become the foundation for growing business leaders and continue to change the dynamics of the American workforce.


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Source: MBA@UNC

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