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Top 10 Workplace Trends: Data is Still Big, Greater Emphasis on Employees’ Needs

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has published its fourth annual Top 10 Workplace Trends list.

Several of the trends on this list signify great changes in the way workplaces function.
#10. Increased Focus on Employee Health and Wellness

Stress has become a fact of life for today’s average employee, whether it is caused by increasing workplace demands, a changing organizational environment or economic hardships.

#9. Data Integration Across Sources, Systems and Processes
Data are ubiquitous in today’s organizational climate, and this year will see a greater focus on data integration.

#8. Growing Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

From recruitment to selection to experiences on the job, this year organizations will focus on diversity and inclusion and how they drive organizational outcomes.

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