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Top 10 Worst Forklift Accidents

Source:¬†YouTube Protect your workers and your business with any DVD in our selection of forklift safety training titles. All of them are 100% OSHA certified and cover topics like: Forklift basics (types, rear steering, turning radius, combined center of gravity and the stability triangle, load center and controls) Inspecting your forklift Picking up a load…

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Workplace Social Media Infographic: HR Must Embrace Social

Related Training DVDs Social Media at Work by Training ABC Workplace Violence by Atlantic Training Social Media by Coastal Training / DuPont Workplace Harassment by Atlantic Training Conflict Resolution by Atlantic Training If HR can embrace workplace social media use, they may begin to see the advantages it can provide when the employees are engaged…

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Photo-Realistic Forklift Illustration – Free Stock Photo

An orange forklift stock photo illustration with a dark blue drivers seat on a white background. Includes a total of four rear safety lights for maximum visibility especially in night time conditions. The forks are currently raised by the lifting chains in this illustration.

Safety Infographic: Our Safety in Their Hands

Related Training DVDs Back Safety by¬†Atlantic Training Fall Protection by JJ Keller Emergency Response Driving by Coastal Training Food Safety by Coastal Training / DuPont Ergonomics by Atlantic Training The main responsibility for worker safety falls into the hands of the employer and the government agencies like OSHA who setup laws and regulations the employers…

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Workplace Violence Awareness Alert

Workplace Stress tends to peak during the Summer months due to excessive heat and higher substance abuse by employees. As seen in the news lately, there has been a rash of Workplace violence incidents which can and have, end up fatal. One out of every six violent crimes occurs in the workplace. And while workplace…

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Your Legal Rights to Personal Protective Equipment

personal protective equipment

As an employee, there is certain PPE that your employer is required by OSHA to provide to you with. If ever you are told that there is PPE you need to pay for and bring to work yourself, then you can question that by using the resources on OSHA.gov. Companies can be unethical when it…

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