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DVDs on USB?

A few years ago, we might have answered DVDs when someone asked us the easiest training format. You could easily buy and play them on a TV or laptop if needed. Now, DVD ports are not the norm in laptops and computers, and it can be expensive to find an external DVD player. Not to mention, DVDs are too easily being lost, broken, scratched, etc. It also seems that technology has moved on to easier and more convenient ways of information sharing, making DVDs relatively outdated.

The answer to all the hassles of safety training DVDs? USBs with safety training videos preloaded on them.

USBs are not a new form of technology, but a great way to make the change from DVDs for safety training. Especially because laptops don’t need a DVD port, and all the training materials and the video pop up right there on an easily accessible desktop folder.

USBs are not only easy and convenient to travel with, but can also easily store multiple titles and folders that are easy to download and share. Also, USBs typically run faster and cleaner when going from folder to folder. Essentially, USBs are just a smaller, more compact version of a DVD that can be easily manipulated and changed. Think of it as a mini DVD that you can fit in your pocket!

What’s next for information sharing and technology? Online training through eLearning platforms and training portals such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) are starting to become the norm, but some parts of the EHS industry still rely heavily on DVDs and USBs. Hosting your safety training videos on a USB allows you to train in location where there isn’t WiFi, such as a remote worksite. An increasingly more universally adapted method of training is the “blended learning method” in which trainers and other EHS or Human Resource professionals pair a USB with online safety training to ensures that all of locations are effectively trained, regardless of missed training sessions, no access to WiFi, etc.

Atlantic Training’s dynamic training formats and options, which now includes safety training DVDs on USBs can either assist you with your internal or in-house training, or can completely cover your safety training needs through our LMS WAVE or with our interactive training courses that can be paired with your existing LMS. The moral of the story here is, whether is a USB, or a large, complex eLearning portal you typically use for training, Atlantic Training is your safety blanket.

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