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safety infographic

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The main responsibility for worker safety falls into the hands of the employer and the government agencies like OSHA who setup laws and regulations the employers must follow and enforce. The employers are required to put forth the effort and are responsible for employee training and education of safety procedures.

Everyday job duties can become repetitive and workers at times become lax and lessen their attention the longer they are on the job. Because employees perform the same job over and over again without conscientiously thinking about the duties accidents happen. Is this the fault of the employee or employer? Employers are the ultimate responsible party in making sure their employees know every day every task they perform has to be done with caution and alertness so accidents can be prevented. Many employers use warehouse safety training videos among other methods like forklift training. They also hold regular safety meetings to ensure workers don’t relax in their attention to safety.

This safety infographic points out facts and figures which help bring an understanding on the difference safety procedures in the workplace can make.

• Regulation and laws have resulted in close to 80% reduced injuries and deaths in the workplace.
• OSHA regulates and enforces employment safety and since its start in 1970 has saved over 75,000 lives.
• J.J. Keller and Associates is a private corporation offering services to train and educate safe working environments.

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All workers have a right to operate within a safe and secure workplace and it is the employees responsibility to report any hazards or dangers they feel may be an issue. Employers can select jj keller video education for compliancece and safety solutions in all aspects of businesses. If companies and the government organize and work together to develop security training and safety education it helps workers understand their rights and duty to the safety of not only themselves but their coworkers as well.


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