“No PPE for me”: A gory poem

“No PPE for me!” said Jim, a gruff construction guy,

for Jim knew he was skilled, and he wouldn’t get killed on scaffolding 20 feet high.

But sadly for Jim, who took one little step, just a little too far to the right,

that without fall protection, a life-saving connection, he would become a grotesque bloody sight.

“No PPE for me!” said Jill, as she helped clean up Jim’s bloody spot,

for she was never that cautious, and never got nautious, and would be just fine…so she thought.

But sadly for Jill, she became very ill, because Jim’s blood had something to share.

And now she resides, with her spouse by her side, at the hospital in intensive care.

“No PPE for me!” said Mort, as he worked in the lab just next door.

For he hadn’t worn goggles in quite a while, and he never had problems before.

But sadly for Mort, with a test tube in each hand, a mouse scurried down on the floor,

and he let out a shriek, a took a quick leap, and now has no eyes anymore.

“No PPE for me!” said Dave, “I been doin’ this too long a time.”

His test-tube mold machine, worked well, quick and clean, and always stopped right on a dime.

But sadly for Dave, his arrogance made, a rather unpleasant occurrence,

and off went his hand, rather unplanned, and he now preaches safety by deterrence.

Bottom line is, my hard-working peers, that it only takes one little instance,

for a thing to go wrong, mayhem to come along, and suddenly cease your existence.

Now the goal here is not to frighten and scare, the goal is to simply remind,

to wear your damn PPE, for both you and for me, and to not leave your safety behind.

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