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February 23, 2016

Is Treating All Hazards the Same Endangering Lives?

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This blog started as an exercise in intellectual pursuit. A purely academic pursuit. You see I discovered that (as I’m sure that most of you have) that there are different categories of hazards and these different categories of hazards represented a distance from an injury. I’m not talking about probability or even severity, more like proximity to an injury. I realized quickly that there may be no practical use to these categories, but just couldn’t get the idea out of my head. Some hazards are in the immediate vicinity of an injury. You reach too far for a tool and fall to your death. The hazard isn’t that you weren’t wearing your fall protection; the hazard is that you are working at height and given the right catalyst could fall. Then we have hazards that are one step removed, in this case not wearing fall protection. As I write this I am not wearing fall protection and since I am not working at heights am not at risk of falling a from a distance that fall protection would do anything of value, in fact WEARING fall protection might actually pose a threat. The further you move from the injury the less the risk of an injury.

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