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Health Infographic: What Healthcare Fraud Is Costing You -

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The impact of healthcare fraud is taking a toll on the American people and it is just the beginning. Within the next few years there will be additional regulation by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as the requirements for the Affordable Care Act legislation begin to take place. Adding up to 30 million newly covered lives into the healthcare system can open up more vulnerability to fraud by providers and payers.

Just how substantial will the cost be to the American people if fraud grows more than the current levels? With over $80 billion dollars lost in Medicare fraud, the next decade is anticipated to reach $1 trillion dollars in Medicare fraud. It is hopeful to think hipaa training videos may be used to help providers and other healthcare industry workers understand how to combat and protect patient information and medical record. By offering healthcare training videos and other forms of education the fight against healthcare fraud could help save us all money.

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The infographic has a complete set of examples and figures explaining the cost of fraud and where it comes from.

• In the United States over $2 trillion dollars annually goes toward healthcare.
• Within the last ten years wages for healthcare industry employees only increased 38% while general healthcare cost increases rose more than 130%.
• Medicare, a government programs with 44 million Americans taking benefits is the most fraudulent program in the healthcare industry and only expected to grow in fraud.
• Money is stolen and fraud committed using technology in this digital age.
• The government has spent the last 20 years prosecuting for healthcare fraud.

Since the people feel the effects of fraud in the healthcare system it is important each person become knowledgeable and ask questions of their providers and insurance carriers. Companies can use hr training to educate employees on company benefits.


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