So, everybody’s got a smartphone or a tablet, right? If not, what are you waiting for? That little communication device sitting in your hand is no longer just for talking. Gone are the days when you could say the best thing about your phone is that it is rugged enough for your job or it has ‘push to talk’. Now, that device is still your phone, but it’s also your camera, your calculator, your quick reference guide, your email, your weather report, your tape measure, your translator, and your rolodex (remember those?). It can be a rough decibel meter, a level, a compass, a voice recorder, and a document scanner. It all depends on how you use it.

Not too long ago, it would have been a struggle to find a small handful of useful, well-designed apps for a safety professional, but today it would be impossible to write an exhaustive list. Here, I’ve compiled some of the apps I’ve found to be useful.

Where possible, I indicate on which platforms they are available and their price, but being an Apple product guy, I couldn’t always check their availability elsewhere. However, if the specific app I list is not available, there’s a good chance there is a similar app available.


Docusign (Apple and Android)
You may not think of this as a safety app, but Docusign and similar apps can be invaluable to a safety professional. How often do you find yourself trying to print out a document to get the signature of somebody in a position of authority to sign off on your findings or a scanner to send that document back to you? Why carry around pieces of paper any more in the first place? Open the documents in Docusign, Sign-n-Send, or a similar app, have the person sign with a stylus or their finger, and save it as a PDF file. You can immediately mail it to all interested parties.

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Dropbox (Apple and Android)
For similar reasons, no safety professional should go without Dropbox or another similar cloud storage app. Audits can become huge files once you start adding in all your pictures. Why struggle to get it to send over email or deal in print copies? Just for the sheer number of different forms safety professionals need to deal with, apps like Dropbox are priceless.

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