A Roadmap to Safety Excellence

With this downloadable PDF of 14 columns from author and speaker Terry L. Mathis, EHSToday.com launches its first collection of columns.

In February 2012, Terry L. Mathis began contributing to EHS Today’s Managing Safety column. Readers demanded more columns from Terry, and he began contributing monthly. Soon, the safety management column belonged to Terry and the Safety and Performance Excellence with Terry L. Mathis column was born.

This baker’s dozen (plus one) of Terry’s 2015 Safety and Performance Excellence columns offer a roadmap of the right things to do to create safety excellence at your company. It’s not an easy journey, as Terry points out, but it is a valuable one.

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safety excellence

Here’s a little bit about Terry L. Mathis: He is the founder and CEO of ProAct Safety, an international safety and performance excellence firm. He is known for his dynamic writing and presentations in the fields of behavioral and cultural safety, leadership and operational performance.

Terry is a veteran of over 1,600 safety, culture and performance improvement projects in 39 countries and 21 languages, and has personally assisted organizations such as Georgia-Pacific, AstraZeneca, Wrigley, ALCOA and many others to achieve excellence.

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