The 10 Commandments for the OHS Person

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The 10 Commandments For The OHS Person

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OHS people often complain about lack of progress in driving OHS Management and OHS Learning change. Frankly this is often because they are not particularly organised and do not use appropriate processes. The paper OHS Change Management / Project Management provides some insight.

The 10 Commandments For The OHS Person

The following is a selection of techniques that have worked for me in driving significant OHS change. Use of some or all of them will assist in managing significant OHS issues.

1. Learn as much as you can about the particular issue. Google, visit a library to identify relevant texts, network with peers, examine credible sources of information (Legislation, Australian Standards, government guidelines etc.) and examine industry practice.

2. Carry out a survey to identify the workforce perception of the issue of interest. Sometimes there is value in collating the answers onto histograms, displaying the histograms to the people who completed the survey, discussing the results and trying to establish why the responses are the way they are. This is best done by as senior a managers as possible who does not react defensively to criticism.

3. Carrying out a force field analysis on the particular issue with the stakeholders may help to focus issues.

4. Carryout a needs analysis and if necessary a learning needs analysis.

5. Based on the above develop a project plan to manage the issue in association with the stakeholders. Form a project team to manage the plan. Get management approval for the plan.

6. Launch and communicate the project plan. My general advice with communication is to use face to face communication wherever possible, use the powerful influence of the work group supervisor and frame communication relevant to the work environment of the group being communicated to. High powered communications from senior management about the goals, mission, vision and the objectives of the company will not have much of an impact with many of the workers.

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