What's Wrong With This Picture? Training Video & DVD by Aurora Pictures

What's Wrong With This Picture? Training DVD
  • SKU: 3001
  • Runtime: 17 mins
  • Producer: Aurora Pictures
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    Product Description

    What's Wrong With This Picture? Training DVD

    This award-winning video is being used by more than 2,000 companies large and small. Its innovative style holds the viewer's attention while providing the essential training and information needed to work with chemicals safely. Incorrect and correct chemical safety procedures are re-enacted in a wide variety of work settings.

    • Physical hazards posed by chemicals include burns, fires and explosions, compressed gases and substances that react strongly with other substances.

    • Health hazards presented by chemicals can be as harmless as mild skin disorders, but can be as serious as cancer and birth defects.

    • Health hazards also include damage to the kidneys, lungs and liver as well as the nervous and reproductive systems.

    • Acute effects of health hazards affect us rapidly as the result of sudden exposure.

    • Chronic effects develop slowly and occur frequently; they usually show up after repeated exposures.

    • The effects of a chemical may not be as rapid or as apparent as a high-speed car accident, but may be just as deadly.

    • One way chemicals get into the body is inhalation. Breathing vapors of chemicals and smoking around them can be dangerous.

    • Another way for chemicals to enter the body is ingestion.

    • Eating or drinking without first washing your hands can allow chemicals to be ingested; keep food and beverages away from work areas.

    • Chemicals can also be absorbed through the skin.

    • Use protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses and respirators as required when working with chemicals.

    • Chemical labels come in a variety of formats, but the information they all give is easy to find.

    • The label gives the commercial name and may also show the generic or scientific name as well.

    • The label will include the name of the substance’s manufacturer or distributor and may include their phone number.

    • Physical and health hazards will also be listed on the label.

    • Other information the label may include is emergency and first aid procedures, what type of fire extinguisher to use in the event of a fire and what to do if there is a leak or spill.

    • If the chemical is toxic, caustic or corrosive, the label will state how to dispose of the container.

    • Your workplace may use its own labeling system; make sure that you are familiar with it.

    • Manufacturers and distributors are required to provide an MSDS for each chemical that they supply.

    • MSDS’s come in different forms, but they all provide the same information.

    • The first of the eight or nine sections of an MSDS usually identifies the chemical by name and includes the manufacturer’s address and phone number.

    • The second section lists the ingredients of the chemical.

    • One section will cover the characteristics of the substance, including vapor density and specific gravity.

    • A fourth section will list fire and explosion hazards as well as flash point, fire fighting procedures, type of fire extinguisher to use and fire fighting equipment needed in the event of a fire.

    • The section on health hazards will indicate the amount of exposure to the chemical a person can tolerate safely according to Threshold Limit Value or Permissible Entry Level.

    • Reactivity data is given in one section; it alerts us to things the chemical should be separated from such as air, high temperatures, other chemicals and moisture.

    • A section is included that states how to safely handle leaks and spills.

    • The personal protective equipment section lists the boots, gloves, respirators, etc. required for work with the chemical as well as the necessary room ventilation and exhaust.

    • Some MSDS’s have a ninth section which gives special precautions for storing, handling and transporting the chemical.

    • Know where MSDS’s are located at your facility. Ask your supervisor if you have any questions about a chemical.

    • Use the same precautions you have at work when working with chemicals at home.

    • It’s everyone’s responsibility to use the information provided in your company’s Hazard Communication Compliance Program.

    Title: What's Wrong With This Picture?
    Format: DVD
    Sku: 3001
    Runtime: 17 Mins.
    Language: English or Spanish

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    What's In The Box

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