Working At Heights Proper Safety Procedures

This 1 minute safety training video covers: How to properly inspect a ladder, what are the techniques to climb safely, what are the extra protections when working with lift buckets or other portable platforms, safety guidelines when working at heights, when to work safely above the ground.

Video Transcript

You have the total control in the prevention of workplace falls through the proper use of fall protection equipment and devices. The first step in preventing fall is to recognize respective potential hazards. Once potential hazards are identified common sense, effective planning and a proper selection or use of protective equipment are essential for preventing workplace falls. Be aware of environmental and personal factors that can impact safety. When working from heights scissor lifts are generally safer to use than ladders. They supply a level platform to stand on while providing an easy means to reach work sites far above the ground. Scissor lifts are not accident proofs, the best way to eliminate the risk is to be aware of them and follow safe work practices.