What Are The Safety Guidelines When Working With Scaffolding

This 2 minute safety training video covers: What are the two main categories of scaffold, what are the fall protections that is use to scaffolds, what is the use of wire mesh, what personal fall protection to use when working on scaffolds, what is a vertical lifeline, what are the other conditions that makes a scaffold unsafe to work on, how to work safely on a scaffold.

Video Transcript

By far the largest number of fatal fall occurs from scaffolds. In many cases this is because the potential for a fall is underestimated. Falls from a scaffold can result from carelessness, poor maintenance or improper use. A scaffold is any elevated platform that can be move to reach the desired work level or position. Suspension scaffolds hang by ropes or wires from overhead support. Mobile scaffolds are supported on wheels or casters both types require care both before and during use from maximum safety. Before mounting a scaffold make sure it’s built for the weight you’ll be putting on, that includes the platforms, suspension ropes or wires and the overhead support. If you’re not sure how much any part of the system will hold, check with your supervisor.