What Are The Hazardous Material Regulations

This 4 minute safety training video covers: How to properly transport hazardous materials, what are the possible hazmat accidents, where to find hazmat regulations, what is a hazardous material, who are affected by hazardous material regulations.

Video Transcript

The US department of transportation or DOT has developed and issued regulations governing the transportation of hazardous materials in interstate, intrastate and international commerce. The goal of these regulations is the safety of the public, the safety of everyone involve in preparing hazardous materials for transportation and the safety of the people who transport hazardous materials. DOT requires anyone involve in handling, preparing and transporting hazardous materials to have a general awareness of the requirements of the regulations, this means you must know and understand what is covered under the regulations and you must understand how the regulations apply to your specific job function. Hazardous materials are materials that compose of risks to health or safety when they are transported by commercial means. These materials are designated as hazardous by the united state department of transportation (DOT) falling to distinct categories. Even though they may be packed safely, if hazardous materials are release or if they combined with other materials they can do a great amount of harm in short time. The kinds of hazards associated to these materials include fire, explosion, poison, radiations, and infections.