What are the Guidelines for Hazardous Chemicals

This 4 minute safety training video covers: Three ways how hazardous chemicals are communicated, what is safety data sheets (SDS), what are the contents of safety data sheets, how to safely use a specific chemical, GHS labeling specifications, what are the importance of label specifications, what is hazard communication program.

Video Transcript

Safety Data Sheet or SDS which is formerly known as material safety data sheet or MSDS are another way to communicate the hazards of chemical products. Chemical manufacturers, distributors or importers are required to provide that. Employers are required to make them readily available but you are responsible on reading them and applying recommended safe work practices to protect yourself. Section 1 is called identification includes the product identifier, the manufacturer or distributor name, the address, telephone number, emergency telephone number, recommended use and restrictions on use. Section 2 describes hazard identification covers all hazards of the chemical and the required label elements.