How to Safely Deal with Heat Related Illnesses

This 1 minute safety training video covers: How does heat related illness occurs, how does heat stroke occurs, how to properly treat someone suffering from heat stroke, and how to keep your body from overheating.

Video Transcript

When the temperature or the humidity begins to climb,so as the chance of heat related injury or illness, it could be anything from heat exhaustion,to heat cramps, even heat stroke. Heat stoke occurs when we get so hot that we burn out our body's temperature control systems so we are unable to cool down normally by sweating. If you think someone is suffering from heat stroke get the person out of the heat if possible, soak them in cool water not too cold though.You can also use cold packs and a fan if they're available. raise the victim's feet to make it easier for their blood to circulate.Call emergency medical services immediately. If it isn't treated, heat stroke can cause brain damage even death in a matter of minutes. Stay with him until emergency help arrives.