How to Properly Use Respirators

This 4 minute safety training video covers: What are the uses of respirators, how respirators works, what is Osha’s assigned protection factors (APFs), NIOSH respirator selection guide, how a strength of a filter is listed, what is a cartridge respirator, how to properly wear respirator, what is air purifying respirator.

Video Transcript

Prior to using respirators for the first time each worker must receive a medical evaluations from a physician or other license healthcare professional because using respirator places physical demands on the worker. People with illnesses such as asthma or heart disease may not be able to wear a respirator, once a worker passes these medical screening they are allowed to use respirators in the workplace. Before they do however, the type of respirator they’ll be using may require a fit test. Some atmosphere supplying respirators use hoods or helmets that are loose fitting that is be covered the head completely and do not need to be fit tested. Other respirators are tight fitting, they have a mask that covers the face only before these type of respirators can be use it must be fit tested.