How to Properly Set Up the Confined Space Entry Program

This 2 minute safety training video covers: The information found in an entry permit, how to stay safe when entering confined space, when to issue written entry permit, when and why it is important to post warning signs, the trainings needed inside a confined space, other documents needed when entering a confined space and the responsibility of Entry Supervisor.

Video Transcript

Confined Space Entry permit is an OSHA required document that serves as a game plan, if you will, for any entry or work to be done in a confined space. The permit is a mandatory part of any confined space program which must be in place whenever entering hazardous confined spaces is a possibility. The program creates and defines the need for the confined space permit. The confined space entry permit is executed by a properly trained entry supervisor or safety representative and it ensures that every confined space entry operation is thoroughly planned out before even beginning and that every safety precaution is taken once the operation is underway. It's a little piece of paper may not seem much like at first glance but it's the heart and soul of any entry operation. Consider all the functions this one document performs. It details the purpose of the entry and the scope of work to be perform inside.It details the date, time, and duration of the entry. It lists all the members of the entry team. It lists the hazard that present and details the plan to control them.