How to Properly Inspect your Vehicle

This 1 minute safety training video covers: How to keep your car in good mechanical condition, how to avoid car trouble on the road, what are the parts of the car that you should pay attention regularly, how to properly inspect your car tires, how to check your windshield wipers, how to properly check your car brakes.

Video Transcript

Make it a habit to thoroughly inspect your car, truck or van at least once a month and immediately before a trip. Look on the ground underneath the vehicle for oil, water or break fluid leaks. Check the tire pressure to ensure the tires are properly inflated. Take a look under the hood to check the oil level and windshield water fluid. Learn the location of all displays and controls; check your turn signals and headlights to make sure they work. Press the brake pedal, if there’s not enough pressure the brake may need fluid. Wipe clean the inside of the front and rear windshield to remove film build up that can reduce your visibility.