How to Properly Handle Warehouse Materials

This 3 minutes safety training video covers: Proper lifting techniques for warehouse workers, warehouse lifting preparation, what are the different types of lifting equipment, how to properly inspect lifting equipment, how to properly load materials, how to safely secure loads.

Video Transcript

Stacks load evenly and straight, keep the stack at a reasonable height so they don’t become unstable. Secure loose loads to pallets with strapping or shrink wrapping or make sure the edges of the shelves have a guard that keeps objects from falling. Trying to lift something that is too heavy can cause back and other sort of injuries, bending or twisting at an awkward angle when reaching too high, low or far away from the body can also cause injury. Evaluate the load first, is the load light enough to carry or too heavy? Is there someone to help to carry the load? Can the item be separated into several lighter pieces? Is additional equipment needed to help move the load? Follow safe lifting procedures, keep the spine in the neutral position this help keeps the center of gravity between the legs. Stand close to the load with feet, shoulder with apart.