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Order Picker Safety

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About Order Picker Safety

Order Picker Safety

There are quite a few considerations when it comes to the operation of order pickers. This can be seen in the number of OSHA regulations regarding this type of equipment. This will tell you something very important. Namely, the operations of order pickers are typically done in relatively hazardous environments. Most notably in tight spaces with product that has been stored in a high elevation. It’s obvious that this is a perfect scenario for product to fall, equipment to tip over and a number of other potentially fatal occurrences. Out of all the pieces of equipment used in a warehouse, factory or any other environment, order pickers require strict and exacting mandatory training. This is the reason why these training materials rank among our most popular selections. These exceptionally high quality videos are a perfect addition to a training library that can be used in any situation involving the addition of another employee that will be tasked with the operation of an order picker.

The difference in our training videos

The goal of our training materials is to provide an easy-to-understand source of knowledge that is designed to outline the correct operation of order pickers. Besides the rules of operation, in addition, potential hazards and maintenance procedures are also pointed out. But here is something that employers may not have realized. While the average training program will undoubtedly point out all of the basic hazards of order picker operation, there are additional items that can pose problems, as well. The thing that sets our training materials apart from the others is the fact that additional potential issues are covered! This is the type of training program that you need to have in your library. We not only make this available to you, but we make these materials available at cost-effect and competitive pricing. Look over these order picker training materials and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.