Lock-Out/Tag-Out Compliance Manual by Marcom

Lock-Out/Tag-Out Compliance Manual
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  • Producer: Marcom
  • Updated: 2010
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Marcom's "Lock-Out/Tag-Out" Compliance Manual has been created specifically to assist facilities of all types in complying with the OSHA "Lock-Out/Tag-Out" Standard (Control of Hazardous Energy Standard, 29 CFR part 1910). The manual reviews the regulations and their compliance requirements, as well as provides all the materials needed to help meet these requirements... including a complete "fill-in-the-blank" Written Hazard Communication Program.

Areas covered in the Manual include

  • the history and background of the regulation,
  • the Standard itself (including a copy),
  • major compliance requirements,
  • a "fill-in-the-blank" energy control program,
  • complete Lock-Out Tag-Out procedures,
  • a glossary of terms,
  • forms and procedures,
  • and more.

By filling in the spaces provided in the "Energy Control Program" section, any facility can create a complete written program that will meet all the requirements in this area. And the Forms and Procedures section contains all of the materials needed to implement a complete compliance program.

Updated Dec 2009

MARCOM's Regulatory Compliance Manuals help facilities to understand and comply with OSHA regulations.

The manuals review the regulations and their compliance requirements, as well as provide materials that are necessary to help meet those requirements. Manuals include:

  • The background of the regulation
  • Major compliance requirements
  • The "fill-in-the-blank" written compliance program
  • A glossary of terms
  • Forms and procedures
  • ...and more.


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