Hazchem Series by Efilm by Atlantic Training

Hazchem Series by Efilm
  • Copyright: 2006 - 2013
  • Runtime: 303 mins.
  • Producer: Atlantic Training
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Hazchem Series

The HazChem Series is an on-going series of training films produced by Emergency Film Group. Each program introduces fundamental lessons about safe handling and emergency response procedures for a specific chemical or class of chemicals. Each includes footage of actual incidents combined with action-packed realistic training scenarios to get students up close as fire fighters, police, EMTs, and industry teams carry out procedures to mitigate incidents involving hazardous products.

Each Hazchem training DVD program teaches:

  • Hazardous properties of the product
  • Occupancies where they are found
  • Proper protective clothing
  • Decontamination procedures
  • Proper response to leaks, spills or fires
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Format: DVD
  • Language: English
  • Length: 303 mins.

Titles are available separately or as a package deal at a substantial savings. Valuable for Hazwoper and Right-to-Know training! See individual title descriptions below

This is a 11 DVD Hazchem DVD SERIES PURCHASE

About the HazChem Series

Each program in the HazChem Series focuses on a different chemical product or group of chemical products designed to provide training to persons who may be expected to respond to an emergency involving hazardous materials or who may work with these substances. Each program discusses fundamental lessons about safe handling and emergency response procedures, including: Hazard properties of the product, Occupancies where they are found, Proper protective clothing, Decontamination procedures, Emergency medical treatment, Safe response to leaks, spills and fires.

Each program is created with the assistance of a technical committee with expertise in the specific product and in emergency response. Footage of actual incidents is combined with action packed, realistic training sequences to get the viewer up close as firefighters, police, emergency medics, and industry personnel carry out procedures to mitigate incidents. HazChem programs have been the winners of over 20 awards for both film making excellence and technical content.

1. About Introduction to Hazardous Chemicals

Provides an overview of the properties of chemicals and tells how to deal safely with emergencies. Also discusses the physical properties of chemicals, explaining how these properties contribute to the hazardous nature of the chemical. More than 20 reactions involving hazardous chemicals are portrayed, alerting the viewer to potential safety hazards. Includes Leader’s Guide 29 min. 2005.

2. About Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous Ammonia covers government required reporting and security requirements and the growing use of anhydrous ammonia in illegal drug labs. Also covers the danger of NH3 in enclosed spaces and tells how to  ventilate an enclosed space and monitor it for concentration before entering. It also discusses vapor control, standards for containers and size up and priorities for incidents involving NH3. Includes Instructor’s CD-Rom. 33 min. 2008.

3. About Benzene, Toluene & Xylene

This program describes the symptoms of human exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons and warns about short and long term health effects It also covers environmental concerns,particularly in regard to water supplies. The importance of air monitoring is discussed, as well as identifying hazardous materials, proper protective clothing for workers and emergency responders, monitoring cleanup operations, and decon. It also tells how spills typically occur and outlines procedures for avoiding accidents. 28 min. 2002.

4. About Chlorine

This HazChem program warns about the highly reactive properties of chlorine, and tells how this reactivity is an important consideration in handling, storage and emergency operations as well as in maintenance systems.It warns about the danger of container failure when exposed to flames and discusses using water fog to control vapor releases. Other topics covered include evacuation vs. protection in place, neutralizing and controlling spills,use of A, B and C kits designed by the Chlorine Institute, and controlling contaminated runoff. Includes Instructor’s CD-Rom.25 min. 2008.

5. About Hazardous Waste

This program offers many suggestions for identifying suspected hazardous waste and stresses the importance of securing the waste site. It discusses the role of the incident commander, the importance of air monitoring, and the use of protective clothing and its limitations. Other topics covered include safe techniques during sampling to prevent explosions and vapor generation, remote handling procedures, and typical health, flammability and reactivity dangers of hazardous waste.Include’s Instructor’s CD-Rom. 27 min.2008.

6. About Hydrogen Sulfide

The program “Hydrogen Sulfide” discusses H2S safety as well as symptoms of exposure and actions to take in the event of a leak or fire. It teaches why the distinctive “rotten egg” odor should not be relied upon to detect H2S, monitoring equipment and methodology, ventilation procedures, decon methods,suggested protective clothing, and establishing safe areas. It also covers first response to incidents, and explains when letting a fire burn is the best strategy. 27 min. 2002.

7. About Inorganic Oxidizers

Covers ammonium nitrate, calcium hyphoclorite, and nitric acid, the most common inorganic oxidizers. The video tells where oxidizers might be found and tells what hazards are specific to each chemical. It stresses safe storage and handling procedures,telling what materials are incompatible with oxidizers. Other topics covered include containers, DOT placarding, NFPA markings, first response, size up, protective clothing,controlling vapors, and evacuation. 28 min.1996.

8. About Pesticides

This program covers the flammability, health and reactivity hazard properties of pesticides, Common symptoms of exposure to toxic pesticides are listed, and medical operations for victims of pesticide poisoning are suggested. EPA labeling and communication systems are discussed, explaining what is and what is not required on pesticide labels and the meaning of signal words. The video teaches what factors are involved in deciding whether to let a fire involving pesticides burn itself out, and how to mount an attack against fire. Other topics covered include extinguishing agents, evacuation vs. protection in place, dealing with contaminated runoff, and cleanup responsibilities. “Pesticides” was selected by the International Association for Fire Fighters as their standard on managing pesticide incidents. Includes Instructor’s CD-Rom. 28 min. 2010.

9. About Propane, Butane &Propylene

Provides industry, emergency responders and public officials with a working knowledge of the hazards of liquid petroleum gases. The film explains regulatory compliance requirements of OSHA, DOT and EPA as well as health and safety issues relating to LPG. It teaches about safe storage, carrying out a fire safety analysis, and minimizing the danger of an uncontrolled leak during transfer operations. It also discusses the phenomenon of BLEVEs, the danger of container failure, controlling vapors, monitoring for flammable atmospheres, medical operations for victims,container types, cooling tanks, and when to allow a fire to burn itself out. 29 min. 2005.

10. About Sodium Hydroxide &Potassium Hydroxide

This HazChem program provides basic information on caustics, explains the relevance of pH and tells how it is measured. It disccuses the danger of human contact with caustics, and advocates an active program of accident prevention and safety inspection. The video tells where caustics are found and in what common forms. Other topics covered include preventing explosions, neutralization operations, hydrogen gas formation, selecting extinguishing agents for fires, and environmental protection. Includes Instructor’s CD-Rom 25 min. 2010.

11. About Sulfuric Acid & Hydrochloric Acid

First in the series and recently updated.“Sulfuric Acid & Hydrochloric Acid” tell show to identify corrosive acids and discusses reactivity issues, neutralization operations,and safety measures to follow when working with corrosives. During emergency response situations, the video warns about water reactivity, proper protective clothing to wear,stemming the flow of product and environmental concerns. Also available in Spanish.Also available as “Hydrochloric Acid.” 26 mins. 2005

What's in The Box

What's In The Box

  • (11) DVD

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