Eye Care & Safety Game by Marcom

Eye Care & Safety Game
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  • Producer: Marcom
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Most employees take "healthy eyes" for granted. But our eyes are really very fragile, and statistics show that eye injuries occur frequently in the workplace.

MARCOM's "Eye Care & Safety" game shows how many eye problems are caused by not paying attention to the work employees are doing, or not wearing the appropriate protective equipment. They remind employees that eye injuries can easily happen to them and show them how to prevent these injuries. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Physiology of the eye and how it functions.
  • Common eye injuries and how they are caused.
  • Short and long-term effects of eye injuries.
  • Eye care and safety practices.
  • Selecting and using appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • and more.

A "Jeopardy"-style, computer-based game, the Safety Game makes learning fun, as employees are divided into teams that compete for the highest "safety score."

Games may be purchased alone, or with MARCOM video/DVD programs on the same topics to provide a complete safety meeting package.

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