Collective Leadership Training Video & DVD by Kantola Productions

Collective Leadership Training DVD
  • SKU: CLT-K
  • Runtime: 63 minutes
  • Producer: Kantola Productions
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Product Description

Kantola's Collective Leadership Training DVD

Program Highlights
  • Achieve your organization's goals through effective and deliberate collaboration.
  • How to identify the eight key archetypes of leadership.

Modern management theory has us moving away from a command and control style of management toward a more collaborative style of collective leadership. According to Jim Quigley, this need not be an either-or discussion; some processes within your organizational hierarchy will lend themselves to collaboration, while others will call for a traditional top-down approach.

Based on the results of a major, global research project at Deloitte, which includes case studies of companies such as Apple, Marriott and Tata, this session explores what organizations can learn from innovative leadership styles and how leaders can get people to work together effectively toward their defined goals.

Jim Quigley is CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd.

Duration: 63 Minutes (2011)

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