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About Online Training Programs

Online Training Programs

Online Regulatory Compliance training is becoming popular with facilities to deliver and train many of their employees because online Safety training can be used virtually anywhere, at any time. This is a very useful tool for companies with a number of locations, has hundreds of employees dispersed in different location or work odd shifts. Our online training system gives you and your employees unlimited access, as well as the best and most up to date safety information available. Our library is one of the largest libraries of full-motion video-based Safety and Regulatory Compliance courses in the industry, with over 115 titles to choose from, many of them in Spanish as well as English. You will have access to as many courses in the library as you like, with no set-up, library or subscription fees. There is a feature for employee training tracking. You have an option of four payment plans to choose from, including monthly "Pay-As-You-Go" and "All You Can Eat" (unlimited access).


OSHA's Position On Online Training Programs

Due to the emergence of online training popularity, more and more companies are making a move in that direction, in order to facilitate their training programs. Online Safety Training can afford multiple advantages. One, online training eliminates the need to provide a separate training area along with the necessary upkeep and storage of training videos, etc. The other main advantage is that training can be conducted from virtually any location, at any time. For example, the federally mandated hazardous waste training (for appropriate work areas) [OSHA 1910.120] may be conducted at any location that houses an Internet connection.

This can also be an exceptional benefit for companies that have more than one physical location or employees working at a number of different locations. This way, multiple sets of training materials or the transportation of training materials can be avoided. The use of online safety training can also provide the advantage of not having to continually update your company’s training materials, as adjustments are made to OSHA regulations. Check out our huge inventory of available online training materials and see which ones are applicable to your organization. Whether it’s Fire Safety Training [OSHA 1910.155] or any one of the other mandatory OSHA topics, our Online Safety Training subjects can become a valuable training resource.

These highly affordable training tools can be directly purchased on our website and should be considered as a cost-effective training option. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions that you may have. Let us assist you in meeting OSHA’s mandatory training requirements.