If you ensure that the people taking your safety training have learned the material you probably use a posttest (a test given at the end of the session), and if you wrote this test it probably sucks. I used to right tests for a living and I am continually disgusted by what passes for an evaluative instrument—even those that have been created by professional trainers. The problem stems from the fact that most of us grew up taking really poorly designed tests and when tasked with creating a test of our own we tend to emulate what we know.

Is it a problem that our tests suck? Yes (and to those of you who think my use of the word “suck” is crude, in poor taste, or unprofessional I say got straight to hell—when you start creating tests that don’t suck, I’ll clean up my act, until then…well you get the picture). Using a poorly constructed test is worse than no test at all because it takes time to build, complete, score, and record it while adding no real value.

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  • Paul

    This article may hold true but it would be better received if the author knew the difference between ‘right’ and ‘write’.