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Workplace Stress: Signs, Causes & Treatment -

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Some stress at work is normal, however, excessive amounts of stress not only interferes with worker productivity but it also greatly impacts emotional and physical health. The ability to cope with stress may mean the difference between failure and success as well as the difference between being healthy or not. Not everything can be controlled within the work environment, but it doesn’t mean workers are powerless, even in stressful situations. Figuring out how to manage stress in the workplace and stress management training helps workers understand the impact on overall health realize change isn’t about changing jobs, it’s about changing focus on what can be controlled, yourself.

Add into everyday stress at work with the poor economy and fear of being laid off because of budget cuts and a perfect stress storm begins to form creating fear and panic leading to emotional stress and emotional fear. Emotional stress might also be contagious and impact your coworkers and the ability to interact with them while at work. The better employees manage their own stress the more positive the workforce and less negative impact from stress on everyone.

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The infographic helps explain what triggers stress as well as how to cope with workplace stress, such as:

• There are 4 physical and mental reactions when stressed, enhanced hearing and sight, blood flow is rerouted to the brain, digestive and immune systems go inactive, sugars and fatty acids which give us energy flow into the bloodstream.
• There are a number of things that can cause stress, everyone has different triggers. A few common causes are high workloads, uncomfortable work spaces, working with inexperienced coworkers.
• The signs of stressed workers are often noticed by other coworkers.
• Coping with stress will require a determination to recognize the triggers, identify the causes and signs and then take proactive steps to fix the issues.

Workplace stress can be detrimental to the workforce and the company, corporate wellness training can help lessen the impact stress is having on employees as well as the business. It’s helpful if hr training videos are used also.


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One Response to Workplace Stress Infographic: Signs, Causes & Treatment

  1. Stress is prevalent in any work environment. Employers need to establish a two way channel of communication with their employees. They need to check in with their employees and offer assistance when needed, but also employers need to encourage communication. Employees should feel comfortable speaking with their supervisors if they are feeling stressed. Stress reduction means less strain on employees and benefits the business overall.