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Vacation Time Goes Unused-

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Vacation days are going unused by American workers. Heavy workloads and the cost to pay for travel are some of the reasons employees choose to not take time off work. The cost of a vacation can be burdensome and workers may prioritize their job security and skip taking time off, especially with a weak job market. The wasted vacation days benefits the employer. Workers feel they deserve the time off but don’t advantage of the days provided to them and in turn forfeit money by not taking vacation time off. Employees can choose a stay-cation without traveling while still getting away from work.

Companies are not required to provide employees with paid time off and those employees who do average 14 vacation days annually, roughly 57% of them leave it unused. The infographic explains the key factors on unused time for vacations, such as:

• The lack of paid vacation days from U.S. employers compared to other nations.
• The value of vacation time to Americans and what workers are willing to sacrifice in order to have 5 more days of vacation time granted.
• To really relieve the stress and benefit from a vacation a minimum of 6 consecutive days off are needed.
• 34% don’t take a vacation due to cost, while 15% can’t schedule far enough in advance.

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Regardless if workers are traveling for business or pleasure, companies can help internally with hr training to begin to understand and evaluate their organizations bottom line on unused vacation days. To help supervisors and management, FMLA training dvd can be beneficial for gaining awareness and understanding compliance to better help their employees.


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