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Social Media at Work-

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Is productivity affected when social media is blocked by employers? Is access denied to Twitter or Facebook and is there an impact on the workplace when it is denied?

Over fifty percent of companies block employees from accessing social networking sites on company technology. However, many employees carry their own form of personal technology in the form of smartphones and are then able to connect to social media outlets on their own devices during working hours. Because of this, productivity may actually increase if companies allowed their workforce to connect to social media sites. When the employees are at their desk using their own phones to access they aren’t getting any work done. By permitting access to social media during short breaks gives employees a sense of relaxation and resting of the mind from the stresses of work allowing them better concentration once the break is over. Many employees say surfing the web gives them a chance to periodically escape work pressures which makes them more productive throughout the whole day. Do the decision makers need hr training dvds in order to help decide what is best for company productivity?

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The infographic illustrates how social media policies affect employee productivity at work.

• Over half of American companies deny employees social media access at work and only ten percent grant continuous access to social networking while nineteen percent allow business only access.
• In contradiction, the impact on productivity from employees who are permitted freedom to access social media is higher than from those who are denied.
• Employers reason social media is blocked at work because of lower productivity, company system exposure to risk of viruses and possible company information leaks.

A high number of European workers also say they are more productive and work more efficiently because they are allowed the freedom to use social media browsing. Finding a balance between productivity and the impact allowing or denying access has may be found in corporate social media training.


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2 Responses to Workplace Social Media Infographic: Restricting Social Media at Work

  1. This is AWESOME news. I own two companies and we actually encourage our employees to engage in social media from a business perspective. That is, industry related research and engagement. Of course, there will be some personal engagement too. But the overall benefits seem to be there.

  2. AtlantcTraining says:

    Thanks for stopping by Dr. Haley! The companies that ban social media normally have a poor web presence and don’t understand the business value. I’m sure that’ll change over time though.