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Obesity Infographic: The Cost of Being Overweight -

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Obesity in the workplace is becoming a crippling factor in costing employers a lot of money. With more than one-third of Americans being obese the greater risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other health problems are a serious cost concern not only for the business, but also for the worker. Annual medical costs for health issues related to obesity total $147 billion, not including cost related to smoking and alcohol health care problems which is less than costs due to weight. American workers’ waistlines are expanding and corporation bottom lines are taking the hit with increases in health care costs and decreases in productivity.

The infographic explains the heavy costs and health problems affecting employers:

• The higher an employee body mass index, the greater the risk of costly and life threatening diseases for both men and women.
• Direct health care costs for obesity stem from preventive, diagnostic and treatment services.
• Overweight employees not only cost the company money in healthcare expenses but also money from being absent from work, low productivity and a shorter life span of working days due to earlier deaths.
• Office workers stuck in a cubicle at their desk all day have a high rate of obesity and can help prevent further weight related problems by walking in and out of the office more, choosing healthier foods and finding ways to reduce stress.

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More and more companies are offering wellness training videos for their employees in an effort to bring down costs. Weight discrimination is increasing and employers are becoming less and less likely to hire overweight workers. This can be very hard to prove as other reasons can be found to refuse hiring someone. Employers are finding hr training dvds as a great way to introduce management with non-offensive ways to handle a bulging workforce.


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