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JJ Keller Sexual Harassment Infographic June 28, 2012

JJ Keller has recently put out a new info-graphic on Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can occur anytime, in an environment, and turn an organization upside down. The stakes are high, for example the person being harassed can suffer severe emotional distress or self-esteem issues, the incident can damages the dynamics of the entire workplace or shatter working relationships, it destroys employee morale and damage your company’s reputation.

Besides the human costs involve with sexual harassment, possible penalties and legal fees can be devastating to a company. In fiscal year 2011, sexual harassment claims cost employers $52.3 million dollars in the US and individual employers have even seen million-dollar verdicts.

Help prevent sexual harassment incidents from happening in your workplace with helpful tips and solutions from our J. J. Keller’s video training library

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