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Faceoff: Is OSHA A Wasteful Regulatory Nightmare OR Common Sense That Saves Lives? January 29, 2013

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  • Terrence Thomas

    What has to be understood is that WorkSafeBC’s primary mandate is to ensure the health and safety of workplaces not to penalize
    employers. In 2011 WorkSafe carried out 39,000 inspections and wrote 63,700 orders for non-compliance with regulatory requirements. However only 351 penalties were imposed, usually for repeat non-compliance or for high risk violations and the total amount of the penalties was $4,883,490. The largest penalty was $250,000 while the smallest was $1,000. The average if you divide the dollar amount by the number of penalties works out to be $13,900 which is a far cry from $125 stated in the Infographic.