At Compliance and Safety, we take a great deal of care in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our content. As such, we are always receptive to feedback when we are notified of a possible error in one of our publications.

We have been contacted by a Canadian safety expert by the name of Terrence Thomas who informed us that a piece of data used in our infographic ‘Our Safety in Their Hands‘ was possibly inaccurate. We investigated this error, and determined that the numbers we used for Canada in the chart that indicates OHS workers & Workplace deaths were incorrect.

Here’s where we went wrong. For ‘Number of OHS inspectors per 100,000 employees’, we listed the total number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees provided by a report(page 10) on the CCOHS website. However, this number does not account for the vast majority of safety inspectors that exist at province and territory level government safety agencies. After indepth research and about a dozen phone calls to various safety entities across Canada, we’ve determined that there is no reliable and consistent way to gather this data at the current time. As such, we’ve decided to omit this information from the graphic and leave a footnote that speaks to this fact.

We also listed the total number of workplace deaths per 100,000 employees at 7 deaths per 100,000 taken from a page on the Pacific Cost University website. This figure was based on a 2004 study from the Canadian Centre for the Study of Living Standards. This number includes deaths caused by occupational diseases and makes for a very unfair comparison as the other countries in this chart do not include occupational diseases in their calculation. We have corrected this number to reflect the number provided by the International Labour Organization Department of Statistics. You can find the stat we used by clicking the ‘By Country’ link on the left side of the page, select Canada, then click ‘view’ next to ‘8B Rates of occupational injuries, by economic activity.’ A Special thanks goes out to Terrence Thomas for this information.

NOTE For all webmasters that have embedded this infographic: We recommend you change the infographic image source to match the updated version of this graphic located here:

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    Wow, 7 deaths per 100,000 really is a startling figure. That almost 1 death ever 10,00 people which can easily have been preventable by companies ensuring adequate WHS laws.