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Free Workplace Safety Signs Stock Photo August 25, 2012 Comments Off


Nothing serves as a symbol of workplace safety like a warning sign. This selection of warning signs includes warnings for electric hazards, toxic and biohazards, flammable materials, and fire safety warnings. The warning exclamations include ‘WARNING’, ‘DANGER’, and ‘NOTICE’. The signs use bright colors such as orange and dark red to grab attention and display urgency/danger.

Free Occupational Safety Stock Photo Comments Off


A pile of workplace safety equipment including a yellow hard hat, clear plastic goggles, and durable leather workers gloves. These pieces of equipment are international symbols of occupational safety. In most construction and industrial work environments across the globe, these are the most basic pieces of safety equipment that minimize the possibility of an accident.

Nurse Shredding Papers for Hipaa Compliance – Free Stock Photo Comments Off


Per Hipaa regulations, the nurse depicted in this illustration is shredding papers to ensure that PHI (protected health information) is not compromised. The nurse is seated in a typical medical office setting and is shredding papers from folders that are marked ‘Confidential’ which implies that they contain protected health information.

Photo-Realistic Forklift Illustration – Free Stock Photo August 24, 2012 Comments Off

Orange Forklift Truck Illustration

An orange forklift stock photo illustration with a dark blue drivers seat on a white background. Includes a total of four rear safety lights for maximum visibility especially in night time conditions. The forks are currently raised by the lifting chains in this illustration.